Dear Friends of the Gärtner Lyre...

Horand Gärtner

and all future friends:
lt is with great pleasure that for the first time in the history of our workshop we can present you with such an extensive presentation.
Whoever has been involved in producing a presentation of this kind will know that it entails a great deal of work.This publication marks a change in the directorship of the firm, which now rests with the second generation. lt is more than a presentation, because at this point we want to give you some insight into the unique history of the Lyre and the workshop whose origins go back to 1926, the time of the second Goetheanum. The Lyre can be heard all over the world today, we have built thousands of instrument confirming that it meets widespread need. People from all walks of life who look for more inward experience of music, have come to value the Lyre for its pure unique quality of tone. Young and old have taken up this instrument to introduce music into their lives, often with great enthusiasm.

This publication will tell you about the development of the instrument, about the work processes by which it is made in our workshop and about many areas in which the Lyre is used to good effect. A change of directorship is also an opportunity to try new avenues. We are now particularily concerned that the Lyre should become more generally known and accessible to anyone, beyond the Anthroposophical Institutions where it is well established. We encourage Lyre tuition becoming generally available in Music Schools. We offer ourselves as an Information Centre for all aspects and events concerning the Lyre providing: Educational indications, reports on Therapeutic Work and experience, contact Addresses for tuition and music therapy, possibilities for an exchange of experiences with others, dates of concerts requisite printed instructions and printed music of a variety of compositions for this instrument. Conversely we would encourage you to turn to us whenever you have something to offer, we will be glad to support your efforts.

Not everyone will find someone in his vicinity where he can hear the instrument or receive Lyre tuition. Therefore we began to supplement the printed instructions by making cassette tapes which demonstrate sounds of the different instruments and give examples of ways of playing and using the Lyre for chilren in connection with Fairy Tales and so on. This is to aid those who wish to teach themselves. These casettes may be ordered from us.

If in reading this brochure you feel you would like to experience the Lyre yourself, we shall be delighted to invite you to our workshop in Konstanz.


Yours sincerely,
Master Lyre Maker